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I have been privileged to work with so many wonderful individuals over the years. These are their words.

Testimonials: Text
Testimonials: Testimonials

I came to Lisa five months ago, having had previous success with CBT 15 years earlier. I found Lisa to be empathetic, knowledgeable and empowering. In our discussions she managed to refile the traumas I had experienced and spoken  about many times with therapists and explained how to keep them from creeping into my daily life. Lisa has given me tools in order to improve my relationships, and the view of myself, thus allowing me to make the positive changes I’d been apprehensive to take over the last few years resulting in me returning to studying! Thank you so much Lisa for creating a safe, space for me that I know I can return to if need be

March 2021

"I cannot imagine that anyone would have been better than Lisa has been during the course of CBT that I have completed over the past six months. Speaking to Lisa sparked a gentle yet powerful revolution of the way I interpret and react to things I struggled with. Her understanding and kind nature always put me at ease and the content was always relevant to what I needed to learn to improve my situation. Lisa was empathetic whilst professionally establishing which skills would enable me to identify which strategies and actions were the most appropriate for addressing and ultimately alleviating my anxiety and depression. She was able to share many techniques as a result of exploring the root causes of my issues. It’s not easy by any means, but Lisa tailors the sessions around you. Whilst the sessions necessarily bring up events, feelings and beliefs that you would usually rather avoid, I always perceived that Lisa understood and appreciated that. The rapport that she establishes renders the discussion very far from intimidating and not at all intrusive. I now have an extremely useful toolkit of strategies, techniques and a therapy blueprint to refer to. If you do suffer a setback, a major point I’ve learned from my time with Lisa is that these powerful skills cannot be unlearned; they’ll always be there for you. Thank you very much.

January 2020

"I came to therapy with Lisa, as there had been a number of issues that I felt I needed to resolve in my life, I also had the very sudden death of my lovely dad. All this happened within 3 years this led me to high levels of depression and anxiety and my world seemed very dark. Working with Lisa came very easily and she made me feel incredibly comfortable discussing some quite personal issues. Lisa allowed me to see things in a totally different light which in turn has enabled me to make the necessary changes to my life. My future looks bright and exciting now.Without any hesitation I would recommend Lisa as a therapist."

June 2020

"Going into therapy of any kind was something I was dubious of. 

I was at the end of my personal capacity to handle life and I did not believe that there was anything that could be done to help my situation by simply by talking to a stranger.
If I had known what the results would be, I would have turned to CBT much sooner.
Lisa is such a calming, non-judgemental, friendly and educational person to talk with. I very quickly felt comfortable speaking with her. 

She did a brilliant job of guiding me to figuring out my own mind and how to manage my unhelpful thinking habits. Lisa didn’t just tell me the answers to my problems, she helped me revisit and reassess them in such a way that I could tackle similar situations in a completely different light going forward. She has taught me many coping techniques to utilise in the future.

Although I was sad to say goodbye, I left our last conversation feeling strong and capable with her kind voice still in my head, knowing I would always be welcome back should I ever need a little support.
Talking with you was a pleasure despite the tough subjects we faced. 

Thank you Lisa for helping me, and many others I am sure."

March 2020

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Quinn Davis

This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share customers’ reviews about you, your services and exciting success stories. Get your visitors excited to work with you!

Sandy Williams

Testimonials: Testimonials


Lisa has helped me enormously through my anxiety and depression with her C.B.T., offering many “tools” and advice to find the ones that work for me.
I’m not the greatest at expressing  myself but Lisa’s understanding and compassion made me feel much more at ease.
Thanks to Lisa I now know the light at the end of the tunnel is not the light of an oncoming train.

July 2019

"Working with Lisa has been such a lovely experience, she has approached each session with kindness and encouragement and has always made me feel heard and understood. As a results of our sessions I feel that I have made so much progress and have got to a place that I didn't think would be possible. I'm incredibly grateful for Lisa and would recommend her to anyone struggling or feeling like they need support."

September 2019

I was referred to Lisa through Anxiety UK and from the very beginning I was reassured that Lisa and CBT were the right fit for me. I struggled with anxiety but through the time we worked together, I have gathered the tools and the confidence to achieve goals that I wouldn’t have thought possible when we started.
Lisa is a fantastic therapist, using understanding and guidance to help me through what at times felt like insurmountable problems. I am very grateful to Lisa and I would highly recommend her and CBT to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or depression

October 2019

Testimonials: Testimonials


My Clients’ Experiences

"I started CBT in June and it has worked wonders for my mental health. Lisa has been extremely kind, caring, supportive and understanding through each step of the process. I found her easy to speak to and confide in. The information I was provided along with the coping mechanisms are things that will stay with me for life. I am extremely happy with the results and feel that this chapter will continue to have a positive impact on my life for quite some time."

"Lisa has helped me a lot with my anxiety and taught me loads of different techniques to help me control my thoughts. Lisa always listened and understood me and I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone struggling, she has helped me make great progress and I'm very grateful."

Testimonials: Testimonials
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