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One-to-one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for adults

Currently offering appointments via telephone and via Skype or Zoom.

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What does CBT with Lisa look like?

If you’re thinking of embarking on your  personal CBT journey, you may like to know what that may look like.

I offer a 15 minute free "discovery" chat for you to find out how CBT could help you (with no obligations) should you wish or you if you prefer you can communicate via email to explore how CBT may work for you. 

If you choose to go forwards with therapy we will arrange an initial appointment that fits with your schedule. The session lasts about an hour. As it is Covid times, this will be remote via the telephone or Skype/Zoom, so all you need to do is find somewhere comfy, private and undisturbed, grab a cup of tea and a notepad and pen and we will explore your difficulties together and look at where you want to get to in therapy, how you want life to look like - these will be your therapy goals.  

Everyone's programme of therapy looks different as we are all unique.  Your therapy plan is bespoke to you, and draws upon NICE guidelines and current best practice for each of the different conditions. 

We are partners in therapy, you will be involved in every decision, every step on the journey.  The point of CBT is to empower you, to train you to become your own therapist and help you develop skills and knowledge in how to maintain your wellness long term.

As well as the work done in the virtual therapy room, there is work to be done IRL (in real life) between sessions, you will be supported to make positive changes happen in your life every day.  

Throughout therapy we check in on your therapy goals and review them, make sure we are on track, troubleshooting any bumps in the road, honing the skills we develop together to ensure resilience and stability over time. 

Does this sound like something you could be interested in?  Get in touch today and we can explore how CBT could help you.

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